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Checklist for Indian Medical students who are serious about their careers


Studying medicine is considered to be one of the best mainstream courses that can never run out of fashion. Owing to so many advantages that the course offers, there is so much to do before you plan to take this career path. In order to study MBBS or other related medical courses, there are certain eligibility standards that must be fulfilled. Starting with your graduation until the end of your professional medical journey, there are certain checkpoints that must be cleared so that you can reap the fruits of your hard work. 


While the common standards happen to be cracking the entrance exam, if you are serious enough to pursue medical studies, then some of the critical things that must be taken care of are as follows:

  • Academic records-

One of the most significant aspects that must be taken into account if you are too serious about your medical career is to get in touch with your academic records. This means that you must have good grades along with taking part in practical sessions. With a good record, you can get plenty of opportunities in various hospitals in addition to securing your own post as a doctor or its equivalent. 

  • The essay of the applicant-

Studying medicine and ways of the industry requires a proper checklist that every student must follow. One of the most important considerations that must be thoroughly acknowledged is that the applicant must write an essay that must explain as to why he or she is interested in this sector and what actually motivates him or her. This is truly an important document and must be given if you are serious with your medical career. 

  • MCAT scores-

One of the most important exams that must be given if you are interested to join this field is to get your MCAT scores settled. The Medical college admission test expects all its students to work hard and get it cleared so that one can take admission in respected medical schools in order to fulfill their dreams. If you are unable to produce a good MCAT score, then possibly you won’t be in a position to join the industry!

  • FMGE-

The FMGE or Foreign Medical Graduates Exam is a possible exam that must be taken up in order to study medicine at the undergraduate level in some foreign university or institution. This exam is very important for those who are serious in pursuing their dream of completing the course from some foreign country. Therefore, students must fill the form first so that they are able to come in touch with the pattern of the syllabus and start to prepare for it, as it is tough to crack. Once you clear the exam, you are possibly free to join and even gain scholarships into studying medicine from a foreign school. 

  • Recommendation letter-

With good exam scores and also excellent academic records, students eager to join the medical industry must also produce a letter of recommendations from at least two senior teachers or other high officials. This is more of an entry pass that helps the teachers form an opinion as to how much suitable the student is for the career. Therefore, this document also stands on the priority list along with the rest in joining the medical school. 

  • Extracurricular activities-

If you have taken part in some extracurricular activities, then possibly you must keep all the certificates together and display it at the time of admission to one of the medical colleges. These certificates surely matter in forming an opinion as to who you really are and how likely you are active!

  • Experience of training-

If you likely have any other work experience, then it is good enough to share it while planning to start an MBBS career or other suitable options. Thus, training certificates call for better showcasing of the skills that you have and thus, you are giving a chance to yourself in starting this career!

Getting to study MBBS comes with all of the above documents and clearing certain exams. If you are planning to take the study of medicine to a professional level, then the degree of exams also become tougher.

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