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How to score good marks in IBPS RRB


IBPS RRB is organized every year to recruit Assistant and Officer Cadre in regional rural banks across the country. The examination is conducted by IBPS and the notification is expected to be released in June 2020. The vacancies, exam pattern, syllabus and examination dates are released along with the notification. 


Now let us discuss the exam pattern of the examination. The IBPS RRB 2020 examination is conducted in three stages.

Preliminary Exams

Mains Exams 


A candidate is eligible to appear for the Mains Exams only when he has qualified the preliminary exams. The final selection is based upon the cumulative performance of the candidate in Mains Exams and the Interview. 

The total duration of Preliminary Exams is 45 minutes. Exam pattern of the Preliminary Examination is given below:

Topic Questions Marks
Reasoning 40 40
Quantitative Ability 40 40
Total 80 80

The total duration of the Mains Exams is 2 hours. Exam Pattern of the Mains Examination is given below:

Topic Questions Marks
Reasoning 40 50
General Knowledge 40  40
Quantitative aptitude 40 50
Hindi/ English 40 40
Computer  40 20
Total 200 200

As you are now thorough with the exam pattern and the syllabus of IBPS RRB examination, we will be telling you some important points to keep in mind while preparing for this competitive examination. You must be thinking about how to score good marks in IBPS RRB, but if you prepare well and work hard throughout the year the goal won’t be unachievable. Below are useful some tips for you to prepare yourself for the upcoming examination.

  Know the exam pattern well and plan accordingly

It is very important for the candidate to know the exam pattern as well as the syllabus of the examination in detail. He should also keep an eye at the marking scheme so that he can decide on which parts he needs to focus more while preparing and which parts can be ignored. The candidate should keep the fact in mind that there is a penalty of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer and hence, he should be very careful while answering every question.

Be consistent in your preparation

The candidates need to be regular and consistent in their preparation. At the beginning of each day, they must plan the study schedule of their entire day and try to accomplish those goals and at the end of each day, they should scrutinize themselves and measure their progress. Setting up short term goals is most helpful as the performance can be measured soon and the candidate will know if he is lagging behind and he can take actions to get back on track without wasting much of his time. 

Learn time management

In any competitive exam, time management is the key. If a candidate wants to know how to score good marks in IBPS RRB, time management is the answer to his question. There will be a total of 200 questions in the Mains Exams and the total time allotted for the examination is 2 hours. It is to be accepted that the candidate cannot complete the entire paper efficiently within these 2 hours. Thus, he should divide his time carefully. He should not only increase his speed of calculation and thinking but also know which questions are to be answered and which are not to be answered. He can learn this only when he practices a lot and takes mock tests. 

Self analyzation is important

The candidate should be very well aware of his own standing and preparation. He should know which are the subjects where he needs to pay more attention than the others. The candidate should be equally aware of the subjects where he is strong so that he can utilize them to take his score up. Investing time in daily practice, making short term goals, and taking regular mock tests can help the candidate in self analyzation and know his real position. When the candidate will start keeping a regular check on his progress and work on his weaknesses, he will definitely start improving and getting a step closer to success.

Preparing for Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude

The reasoning is a major part of the IBPS RRB examination and most of the candidates find it difficult to pass in this section. There are a few steps that should be taken by the candidate to prepare for the Reasoning Ability as well as Quantitative Aptitude in the examination. The first task of the candidate is to go through the questions of previous years and understand the pattern. Next, the student should choose a good book of Reasoning or Quantitative Aptitude and study each and every chapter within the syllabus in detail. Next, they should start solving questions from practice papers and slowly increase the difficulty level. All the while, candidates should aim at increasing their speed and learning short-cut tricks to solve the problems.

Preparing for the English Language

Scoring is said to be comparatively easy in this section. The candidate needs to be strong in grammar and its usage. The candidate can read good books or newspapers regularly for learning different words and improve his vocabulary. He should make a habit of noting down every new word he comes across and find out the meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of the word. Again practicing is the key here too. Taking regular practice tests will make the candidate confident and also he will be facing different types of questions which will only improve his preparation. 

Take Mock Tests regularly

Once the entire syllabus is completed, the candidate should attempt to take a mock test every day. This will help the candidate to know his shortcomings and strengths. He will be knowing where he is losing marks and which part is consuming more time than required. He can plan his practice accordingly. He will know which parts are to be focused more.

If the candidate is consistent, hard-working and goal-oriented, it won’t be very difficult for him to crack IBPS RRB and score good marks in the same. Dedication and hard work are all that it requires to be successful. 



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