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Top Courses after 12th




Popularly referred to as mother of all media, journalism is the occupation of writing, reporting, editing, photographing or broadcasting news. Journalism provides the option of being either salaried or freelance with the main areas of work being in the press (local, regional language, national, agencies, etc.), periodicals and in broadcasting.  Journalists are the professionals who practice journalism. They can hold either desk jobs or field jobs or a blend of both as per the requirements of the assignment given. 


Reporters are sent on assignment or nose out their own stories by following up leads or receiving tip-offs from contacts.  They work in the field and try to collect as much information as possible and may try to set up some interviews.


Health Management

Health and Hospital Administrators or Hospital/Healthcare Managers provide the framework for the operation of hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations. They are responsible for the organization and management of personnel, equipment, and auxiliary services. Their wide range of responsibilities includes strategic planning, financial and human resource planning. Maintenance of billings, purchase, and control of supplies and equipment, personnel management, etc. are the works they have to do. Health services administrators work closely with the governing board in the development of services such as laundry, catering and other patient services. They have to know about the functioning and processing of hospitals; social, economic and psychological factors that influence the healthcare sector; the costs and durations of treatment regimens so that they communicate information in a better way for the well-being of the patients.

Legal Studies

Judges, officers of the state judicial services, advocates, counsel, along with subordinate office staff compose the judiciary. While Judges, officers of the judicial system are appointed by the Government, the lawyers and advocates are hired by the private parties, companies, government organizations, etc. for representing their interests.


All lawyers may give legal advice and represent their clients in courts whenever necessary. No matter what their specialty is, their job is to help their clients to know about their rights and then help them protect their rights in front of a judge in the court. Lawyers, while handling the cases have to deal with tax matters, claiming cases, dealing with firms in real estate dealings, etc. and generally advise on all these matters. For individuals, they may be trustees, guardians, executors who may draw up wills or contacts or advise on income taxes, sale and purchase of the property. While some lawyers work solely on in the court’s others carry out most of their works outside the courts in drawing up mortgages, deeds, contracts, and other legal contracts. Some lawyers also handle the background work which is necessary for the court cases. They could be researching cases in the library, interviewing witnesses, investigating Studies. 


For a career in biotechnology or genetics would be preparing for years of study beyond the and practical research projects research laboratories/R & D organisations in the private and public postgraduate degree as you would be automatically be looking at careers dealing with academic study sector. A doctoral programme along the path of specialisation would be entirely in order. For this there is the CSIR-UGC JRF examination you can take to work on a research project leading to and you are entitled to a fellowship if you make it successfully through the entrance exam.


High earnings and the fascination of travel to foreign lands attract youth towards a career in Merchant Navy. Thrills, the element of danger, adventure and challenges are a part and parcel of the lives of merchant mariners. Merchant Navy comprises vessels that carry passengers or cargo or oil. Ships are belonging to Indian shipping companies and foreign shipping companies. Onboard a merchant marine vessel, one gets to sail through varied climatic zones, visiting many shores, meeting people of all cultures, shopping for mementos but almost always on duty with an extended leave coming up only at the end of the contract.

Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots are highly trained professionals who fly airplanes usually for national and international airline corporations in their commercial flying operations. After undergoing initial training for obtaining a Private Pilot License, all aspirants who want to become certified commercial pilots need to apply for a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) which will be granted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

The total cost of obtaining the CPL will include the charges for flying which contains multi and single-engine flying charge, the fee for studies and examinations, the fee for supplementary documents like medicals and licenses, living expenses, the fee for instrument rating renewal that has to be done every 1 year and type rating fees. 



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