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Universal Crossword September 13, 2023 Clues and Answers

Universal Crossword Clues and Answers September 13, 2023: Welcome to the Universal Crossword Clue and answer an introduction! Here you’ll find a selection of crossword clues and their corresponding answers from the Universal crossword puzzle, known for its clever wordplay and challenging clues. Whether you’re a seasoned crossword enthusiast or just getting started, Our Blog Tamilanjobs is the perfect place to sharpen your skills and have some fun with words. So, let’s dive in and solve some crossword puzzles together! If you have a specific clue or puzzle you’d like help with, feel free and I’ll do my best to assist you.

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Universal Crossword Clues and Answers September 13, 2023

Answer for Universal Crosswords (September 13)

The Universal Crossword puzzle can be challenging, but this page can help by giving you clues for today’s puzzle. The Universal has many fun puzzle games that can help boost your brainpower. If you’re stuck on today’s puzzle and can’t find the answer to the clue “September 13,” you can find the answers below.

  • Universal Crossword Answers

Crossword Clues Today Answers Today
Money City Maniacs band Crossword Clue SLOAN
My turn! Crossword Clue IMUP
Ozark actress Linney Crossword Clue LAURA
2023 Best Picture winner, briefly Crossword Clue EEAAO
A sharp or E flat Crossword Clue MUSICALNOTE
Arizona landform or city Crossword Clue MESA
Author Rand Crossword Clue AYN
Back talk Crossword Clue SASS
Backsplash component Crossword Clue TILE
Bait holder Crossword Clue FISHINGHOOK
Bar mitzvah boy, just barely Crossword Clue TEEN
Beer ingredient Crossword Clue HOPS
Bikini, e.g Crossword Clue ATOLL
Bit of inspiration Crossword Clue IDEA
Black Suit Crossword Clue SPADES
Bride, at her reception Crossword Clue WIFE
Butterfly Catchers Crossword Clue NETS
Buzz source? Crossword Clue INCOMINGCALL
Charged particles Crossword Clue IONS
Comedian Margaret Crossword Clue CHO
Congresswoman Ilhan Crossword Clue OMAR
CPR pro Crossword Clue EMT
Desert caravan animal Crossword Clue CAMEL
Digital storage locale Crossword Clue DATACENTER
Disperse, as a crowd Crossword Clue THIN
Egyptian city that’s the largest in the Middle East Crossword Clue CAIRO
Elevator maker Crossword Clue OTIS
Eyelid bump Crossword Clue STYE
Faith Founded in Persia Crossword Clue BAHAI
Fetus’s Home Crossword Clue WOMB
Garfield’s housemate Crossword Clue ODIE
Genius Bar computer Crossword Clue MAC
Got ready for a surprise party Crossword Clue HID
Greek H Crossword Clue ETA
Guilt-ridden Crossword Clue ASHAMED
Hairy Tibetan Beast Crossword Clue YAK
Hit with a laser Crossword Clue ZAP
Hunting gear, familiarly Crossword Clue CAMOS
Hype campaign Crossword Clue MEDIABLITZ
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Crossword Clues Today Answers Today
Infection fighters Crossword Clue TCELLS
Inflation meas Crossword Clue CPI
Isr. neighbor Crossword Clue LEB
Judge of baseball? Crossword Clue AARON
Kept for later Crossword Clue SAVED
Lead-in to “X,” “Y” or “Z” Crossword Clue GEN
Leno’s late-night predecessor Crossword Clue CARSON
Like lawns and some olive oils Crossword Clue GRASSY
Madagascar primate Crossword Clue LEMUR
Make a sweater, perhaps Crossword Clue KNIT
Mess up Crossword Clue ERR
Most frequent letter in “coccyx” Crossword Clue CEE
Multilayered Crossword Clue DEEP
Novelist Jaffe Crossword Clue RONA
Ontario canal that becomes the world’s largest skating rink Crossword Clue RIDEAU
Painting or pottery Crossword Clue ART
Papier-mache need Crossword Clue GLUE
Pie ___ mode Crossword Clue ALA
Pill, e.g., for short Crossword Clue MED
Pizzeria fixture Crossword Clue OVEN
Pulls hard Crossword Clue YANKS
Red wine astringent Crossword Clue TANNIN
Regret Crossword Clue RUE
Sagging Crossword Clue DROOPY
See 38-Across Crossword Clue THELINE
Selected from a group Crossword Clue CULLED
Set of choices on a computer Crossword Clue MENU
Singer who has a fish in the Orinoco named after her Crossword Clue ENYA
Slangy summons Crossword Clue CMERE
Sleazy newspaper Crossword Clue RAG
SoCal neighborhood with the Latino Walk of Fame Crossword Clue EASTLA
Strike a ___ (resonate) Crossword Clue CHORD
Summer hrs. in Calgary Crossword Clue MDT
Taken by mouth Crossword Clue ORAL
Unemotional Crossword Clue STOLID
Warning Crossword Clue CAUTION
Washing machine output Crossword Clue CLEANLAUNDRY
With 40-Across, take a risk … or a hint to 17-, 23-, 48- and 59-Across Crossword Clue PUTITON
___ Perignon Crossword Clue DOM

Crossword Clue: How to Play?

Web browser

Steps to play the Universal Crossword puzzle on a Web browser:

  1. Go to Universal Crossword Site
  2. Log in to your Universal Crossword account.
  3. Start playing!

That’s it! Enjoy solving the Universal Crossword puzzle on your web browser.

Android or iOS

Steps to play the Universal Crossword game on the Crossword app for Android or iOS:

  1. Launch the Universal app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Look for the “Play” section within the app’s navigation menu.
  3. Within the “Play” section, locate and tap on the “Crossword Corner” or a similar option specifically for crossword puzzles.
  4. Tap the “Play” button to begin playing the crossword puzzle.
  5. Now you can start solving the crossword puzzle by reading the clues and entering the corresponding answers into the grid.


here is a crossword clue and its answer from the Universal Crossword puzzle to give you an idea of the game:

  • Clue: “Unyielding”
  • Answer: “IMMOVABLE”

Enjoy playing the Universal Crossword game on your Android or iOS device, and have fun solving the puzzles!

In Conclusion, whether you choose to play the Universal Crossword puzzle on a web browser or through the Universal app on your Android or iOS device, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a challenging and entertaining word game.

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