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Franklin Streaming Release Date and When Is It Coming Out?


Franklin Streaming Release Date: Prepare to be transported back in time with Franklin, the upcoming Apple TV Plus series delving into the clandestine mission of Benjamin Franklin in 1776 France. As anticipation mounts for this historical drama, audiences are poised to witness Franklin’s legendary status intersect with high-stakes diplomacy crucial to American independence. In this article, we unveil the release date, countdown, cast, where to watch, and more about this intriguing series.

Franklin Streaming Release Date
Franklin Streaming Release Date

Release Date: Countdown to Franklin:

Mark your calendars for April 12, 2024, as Franklin makes its debut on Apple TV Plus. With just a short wait ahead, viewers will soon immerse themselves in the world of Benjamin Franklin’s covert mission, exploring the intricacies of history and diplomacy during a pivotal moment in time.

Cast for Franklin:

Franklin boasts an impressive cast, with Michael Douglas taking on the role of Benjamin Franklin and Noah Jupe portraying Temple Franklin. Supported by a talented ensemble, including other notable actors, the series promises captivating performances that breathe life into this historical narrative.

Where to Watch Franklin?

When Franklin premieres on April 12, 2024, it will be exclusively available for streaming on Apple TV Plus. Current subscribers can seamlessly access the series as it airs, while new viewers can sign up for the service to embark on Benjamin Franklin’s clandestine journey.

In Conclusion, Franklin on Apple TV Plus offers a compelling blend of historical intrigue, diplomatic maneuvering, and the legendary figure of Benjamin Franklin. As viewers await its release, the anticipation for this series continues to grow, promising an immersive experience that transports audiences to a pivotal moment in American history.


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